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The Cocktail Boys Savannah – your favorite bachelorette party experience

When planning your Savannah bachelorette party, you may think of ghost tours, rooftop bars, and historic strolls, but your experience should begin with securing the right party hosts! The Cocktail Boys Savannah bring the energy to your celebration. They provide bartending, games, vibes, and relaxation to your Savannah bachelorette. I got to experience The Cocktail Boys in their element and was so impressed by the service they provided. I got to chat with Nelson, owner of The Cocktail Boys, Cabana Boys, and Cocktail Cowboys. He shares how The Cocktail Boys began and some bachelorette planning tips below!

The right guys for your Savannah Bachelorette

What brought Cocktail Boys to Savannah?
Savannah is such a great city for visitors and locals, alike. This has attracted a blossoming bachelorette party scene, which is our primary market. We started in Scottsdale and specialize in helping bachelorette parties and other similar events have a great time during their weekend. Because of this great bach scene, we felt that the Cocktail Boys were needed in Savannah since there is nothing like it here. Girls want to have a good time all weekend, and that can happen while they’re at home too.

What can your business create and enhance for a destination bachelorette party? What are some things groups wouldn’t be able to experience without your help?
Going out to the bars in Savannah is definitely one of the highlights and reasons people go to this city. But three days straight of bar hopping can be exhausting. We bring the party to you! Whether it’s a pregame, brunch, game night, or another in-house event, our Boys can elevate the day and turn a boring 2-4 hour stint into the highlight of the weekend.

What is something unique you offer or something you do differently than other bachelorette services in our area?
There are plenty of bartenders in Savannah, but we turn things up a notch. Our Boys are southern gentlemen who will serve drinks, but also help with party games, take and pose in pictures, keep the party area clean, give out compliments, and be a Spotify DJ. We’re professional, good-looking guys who aim to please. A bartender who just stays behind the bar the whole time doesn’t provide this type of experience.

Things to do for your Savannah Bachelorette

Every Cocktail Boy experience is unique- with locations in Austin, Nashville, Palm Springs, Scottsdale, and Savannah. What fun activities can Savannah bachelorette parties enjoy that are unique to this destination?
In Savannah, we are southern gentlemen. We cater to every need you have, except for the X-rated stuff. Since Savannah doesn’t have many pools and a lot of girls go to Tybee, we specialize our service to the environment. Pregames and beach parties are unique to Savannah.

It’s a gloomy weekend in Savannah. What are your favorite indoor activities to do with your bachelorette party groups?
Party games a big part of our service – we bring game ideas and fun ways to keep the party going. We also are great bartenders and know our way around a Spotify playlist.

If a group decides to set up their bachelorette weekend itinerary on their own, what is one piece of advice you have to make the experience effortless and unforgettable?
Our first suggestion is to book the Cocktail Boys, but after that, definitely schedule some downtime. If every second of the weekend is scheduled, you’re setting yourself up to be late to things and for part of your crew to drop out due to hangovers and exhaustion.

Planning your Savannah bachelorette party is easy when you book the right vendors to make the experience unforgettable. We have photographers, decorators, picnic experiences, mixology classes, tours, night life, art, and so much more! Including The Cocktail Boys Savannah in your itinerary is a must-do for a memorable weekend!

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