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Epic Wedding Reception Exits that are NOT Sparklers | Love, Anneliese Photography

Wedding SZN is in FULL SWING (shout out FL wedding photogs 😎🙌🏼 still killin’ it while sweating thru our all-black outfits, ha!)

Grand exits are one of my favorite moments throughout wedding day. The coolest part is it doesn’t have to happen at the end of your reception! Your friends and fam can celebrate with you as you walk back down the aisle, a pop of confetti can announce your entrance to your reception, and always – the classic exit after your outrageously incredible reception can end the night in the most extravagant way.

Sparklers are A W E S O M E and I LOVE THEM – but it can be rough coordinating playing with fire at the end of the evening with your lit friends 🍾 Super-tradish sparkler exits are glam and gorgeous, here’s some fresh inspo to plan your EPIC EXIT – sans sparklers.


Eeeee I loved Chelsey + Craig’s super dreamy confetti exit! They chose to have a faux exit at sunset so the photos would be 💯💯💯 and it turned out so great. AND the party went on well into the night! PRO TIP – pop your confetti poppers on a driveway or paved walkway for easy pick-up.

Photographer | Love, Anneliese
Confetti Poppers | Ginger Ray
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If this wedding wasn’t wild enough – with their amazing baby announcement and super cute love story, this epic was UNREAL. From the goofy surprise faces when the cannons went off, to the romance that Nic brought with that incredible dip-kiss, these cannons ended the night like they swiped right 😉 (PLZ go check out their wedding day on the blog otherwise that joke makes zero sense)

Photographer | Love, Anneliese
Venue | Runaway Island
Confetti Poppers | WalMart
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Literally had to GOOGLE what the heck these things were called – light sabers? foam disco lights? IDK. These wands are so fun! You can customize them to have your hashtag or wedding date written on the shaft (hehe) and they are super fun to photograph during dancing and your epic exit!

Photographer | Love, Anneliese
Venue | Pensacola Country Club
Wands | Etsy
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Anna and Jeremy’s reception on the beach was the perfect backdrop for a bubble exit. I was a little nervous it wouldn’t look as epic as we hoped because your fam has to BE BLOWIN THOSE BUBBLES for it to look supa-cool. But they killed it! And it turned out amazing!

Photographer | Love, Anneliese
Venue | Hemingway’s Island Grill
Bubbles | Etsy


So this photo is totally from MY wedding. I had to share it! I KNEW I didn’t want sparklers for a few reasons: There were oak trees galore and I didn’t want to catch them on fire, and I’m not one to follow trends- HA! So we got these wonderful dried petals from a farm in CA (totally found them on Etsy) and it turned out super cool!

Photographer | Indie Pearl
Venue | Bayfront Lodge and Cabin
Petals | Etsy

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