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5 wedding day getting ready space MUST HAVES

A huge part of your wedding day gallery will be getting ready photos. It is how your photographer sets the tone of the day, highlights details and accessories that are important to you, and tells the story of anticipation and excitement before your first look. Here are 5 wedding getting ready space must haves for you to consider.

Decor matches your wedding day aesthetic

You’ve spent loads of time designing and choosing elements that create a gorgeous wedding day experience. Skimping on your getting-ready space can create a choppy wedding gallery. If the wedding mood board doesn’t coordinate with the getting-ready space, your gallery can look like two totally different days. If you’re getting married downtown, you may not want a beachside retreat with seashells and starfish in your getting-ready photos. Your photographer will move any decor elements that distract from the moment like bold picture frames or outdated lamps, but consider choosing a space that sets the tone for your wedding day.

Private space for you to get dressed

As exciting as it is to get ready with your wedding party, the getting dressed moment is super sentimental and usually surrounded by the most important people in your life. Having a large wedding party chaotically getting dressed in a studio while you are in the corner can be distracting. Make sure you have a quiet, private space for you and your special people to help you into your wedding attire. When it’s time for you to get dressed, your photographer will have you admire your attire, share a moment with your special people, practice mindfulness while your ceremony approaches. It’s the moment you realize your wedding day is happening.

Another great reason to have a private space to get dressed – you can reveal to your wedding party in a fun way. Your photographer will line your group up and have you come out and celebrate with your friends and fam. That reaction is so exciting and worth getting ready in a separate space.

Natural Light

You’ve read many articles that mention natural light. Why is it so important? It ensures your details are photographed true to life, it helps the wedding party skin tones look clean and realistic, it allows your makeup artists to apply makeup in soft continuous lighting. Photographers appreciate natural light in spaces cause we can play with shadows to emote feelings in our images, we can photograph backlit dramatic moments, we can photograph bright fun wedding party events.

Make sure your space has plenty of windows so when your team turns off overhead lighting, the space is still bright.


An important getting ready space must have is storage. Your 10 person wedding party will each bring a bag, and attire into the space. It can get crowded and feel cluttered. Having closets or a spare room for your wedding party to store their items will keep the environment stress-free and ensure your photos don’t have any distracting items on the floor. Your photographer will help organize, but we only have so much time for getting ready moments. So make sure your group is prepared and aware of where they need to store their items.

Neutral wall colors

This getting ready space must-have is something to be aware of, but isn’t a deal-breaker. If you’re in love with a space because of its personality, totally lock it in. Your photographer will work with the decor and environment. Some getting ready spaces (typically ones at barns or historic spaces) have wood plank walls. The orange in the wood can bounce back on your skin and cast a hue on your skin. This can also happen in rooms with bold wall colors or exposed brick spaces. Our editing software can counteract that, but it takes a while to color correct. If you want a neutral backdrop for your wedding day, choose a space that is a blank canvas. Your personal touches will be the focal point rather than an overwhelming getting ready space.

Focusing on these wedding choices will make your day flow seamlessly. Ask your vendors for their insight and expertise. They want you to have the most memorable experience. You can find more tips from me here on my blog. In our first introduction zoom meeting, we will discuss all the important details about your day like getting ready space, wedding party size, ceremony time, and more. Fill out my inquiry form and we can break down all the elements to make your day magical.

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