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Having photographed beach ceremonies all over Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, and Jamaica, I have the most important tips to plan a perfect beach wedding. There are loads of environmental elements to consider when planning your beach wedding. To ensure your wedding experience is memorable for you and your guests, scroll down to read my 5 tips to plan a perfect beach wedding.


If you’re wanting a secluded beach view, consider renting a beach home with private access, or renting a space at a state park beach. This will give you a designated setup space with little to no public umbrellas or beach chairs. ​​​​​​​​

Another great experience to consider is hosting your guests at an all-inclusive resort. Many resorts offer complimentary add-ons depending on how many of your wedding guests book rooms during your event. They generally have a designated beach area for your ceremony and lots of reception options with fun entertainment like musicians, local food experiences, and dancers.


Most destination couples choose to get married on the beach in the Summer. You will rarely see a local couple deal with the sweltering heat for their ceremony and reception. The best time to get married on the beach is March through May, and October/ November!​​​​​​​​


Yes, you want the iconic water view for your ceremony, but you may want to consider angling your ceremony about 45 degrees to avoid major squinty eyes for one side of the wedding party. Also plan for your ceremony to begin 2 hours before sunset so you start to get those glowy tones and still have plenty of light for portraits. ​​​​​​​​


Our beaches and the wildlife are important to preserve and consider when planning a beach wedding. Check local regulations for setting up decor, throwing petals, sparklers, and clean up. Some beaches may require your vendors to carry a special permit to allow them to work in certain counties or state/national parks. Your planner will share these details with you and will follow all guidelines to have a successful wedding event!


Summer showers are inevitable and usually result in a beautiful bright sunset that is perfect for portraits. Don’t stress too much over the forecast for the week because beach weather is constantly changing. Your vendors will bring umbrellas for you and your wedding party, but consider purchasing some bulk umbrellas to have on hand to cover your guests.

If it’s looking like rain, make sure you have plan B and C in place for ceremony and reception changes. Does your venue have space for a tent? Does your venue have an indoor view of the water? Can furniture be rearranged to seat all your guests in a tighter space? Your photographer and planner can help you come up with ideas and execute your rain plan if need be.

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