Five tips for a follow-worthy Insta - Love, Anneliese Photography -

Five tips for a follow-worthy Insta – Love, Anneliese Photography

So, you’ve started a new business- whether it’s a photography business, a fashion blog, or you’re trying to break into the world of social media influencers. Other than hoping your favorite store re-posts your awesome photo, there’s a few easier ways to create a follow-worthy Insta. Check out some easy peasy tips below! You can thank me later 🙏🏽 (I’m on a huge Drake kick, sorry for all the references on my website and insta).

Where’s the content, yo? Nobody likes a naked insta 🤷🏽‍♀️

If you are starting a new Instagram, fill those first nine tiles A👏🏼S👏🏼A👏🏼P👏🏼. Even if you don’t have any content to post, share images that embrace your brand and show followers what to expect of your blog, store, or small biz. Share inspiration from other artists (credit the OG poster!) to create a mood board and introduce your brand to potential clients.

Here’s an awesome example of sharing inspiration when starting a new company- @shopseadwellers


Shop Sea Dwellers Instagram

Mass appeal – pick a color palette 😎

Just like your brand, your social media content needs to be consistent. Pick a color palette, and sprinkle those colors in every post! Carly at Frederick Dean Blog does an amazing job of sprinkling a lil bit of black into her modern + minimal photos 🖤😍 @carlym.miller

Frederick Dean Blog Instagram

Some ways to incorporate your brand are:

⭐ Photograph your images at the same time of day – if every image has moody golden light, that will keep your feed consistent without being obvious.

⭐ Choose the same backdrop for detail shots. A simple marble slab or whitewash hardwood will tie detail shots together around your day-to-day content.

⭐ Subliminal branding is always a good t’ing- I may have made that term up, but a bouquet of on-brand flowers or a colorful donut or shopping bag can tie in your branding colors to keep that feed eye-catching and scroll-worthy.

My girl Charly with @charlyjunee nails this aesthetic with shades of blue in every shot.

Share your fave deets!

Your outfits, office space, or storefront might not always be on point one hundred percent of the time- share some faceless photos: favorite products, flat lays of your workspace, a new recipe you’re working on. If you’re a maker + artist, share BTS photos of what you’re working on! Lauren at A Fabulous Fete shares her recent projects in an aesthetically pleasing way, while mixing personal moments that her clients can relate to. ❤️ @Afabulousfete

Even if you’re not an influencer, think like an influencer.

GIVE MORE THAN YOU RECEIVE. People want to know what works for your skin, your fave organization tips, and how you’ve been handling your small biz. One thing that can set you apart from other businesses, is being genuine and honest with your audience. Having a rough business week, share how you overcame it! Followers follow you, to learn about you! Be real, and people will fall in love with you and your business.

Embracing the give more movement, Tonie with Tonie Christine Photography is so great at mixing biz with helpful tips for other photographers and clients. Create a PDF of your fave poses during an engagement sesh, share your top wedding exits in a blog post, or what gear you use. Being helpful will always benefit your biz in the long run.

Hire a professional for a follow-worthy Insta (aka ME🙌🏽 )

Let’s be real, the number one way to keep that feed poppin, is to hire a profesh to curate your content. Sure, a lot of content-creators promise consistent posts, but if they aren’t using the right equipment, your social media may not look as professional as you imagined- which can lead to a lack of trust from potential clients, and the appearance of a lack of expertise in your craft.

Working with a professional photographer to take photos of your store, products, professional headshots, lookbooks, and lifestyle shots enhances the experience for your followers and clients. Looking like a boss, means you are a boss! A great feed will lead to an audience that relates to your content, and clients what you want to work with.


If you want super dope content like Miss Twenty Something, investing in your content is necessary. An hour sesh with me will create enough content for a month of blog and social media posts. I help bloggers style looks, flat lays, location scout, and pose.

⭐ Interested in working with me? Fill out this lil form for a complimentary social media evaluation + I’ll send you some thoughts on your content and share which photo session package would work best for your brand!

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